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Working on my old, 'Pirates of the Caribbean'/Flying Dutchman curse Supernatural story again. Been seriously writing this for going on two years. Maybe this time around I'll be able to finish it. It's a little over 2500 words so far and I'm still not totally finished yet. Maybe I'll call it 'Lost Boys' 

Fic: Taking My Time

Title: Taking My Time
Author: mysticallight6
Characters: John, Sam & Dean
Genre: Family, circa-1996 (one year since the events depicted in 9x07 'Bad Boys')
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,849
Prompt # 71 from BigPretzel Adopt a Plot FFA -  John is home with the boys for a few weeks (recovering from wounds?). The school is forcing the boys to do at least one other activity and John comes faithfully to experience whatever they are doing
Summary: John needs to tell his sons he's proud of them more often when he discovers a little secret they've been keeping from him while he's convalescing.

Taking My TimeCollapse )


Because I was Bored

So, it's been two hours and I already have a post finale outline for what I really wish would happen in S 10 that'll probably never make it to a story (even though I'm trying out a chapter one as I write this) but, hey, as long as it keeps me busy I'm okay. Sorry about not writing much around here to you all lately. Been busy with work and fangirling and trying to write anything that comes to mind whether it be fanfic or real fic (but mostly fanfic unfortunately). Alright, I'd better get back to it before I lose the nerve. Later 


Fanfic: I Can Hear The Choir (1/5)

Title: I Can Hear The Choir (1/5)
Author: mysticallight6
Characters: Jimmy N, Amelia N, Claire N, Peripheral Winchester & Castiel
Genre: Family, S3 and pre-season4,
Rating: T
Summary: Jimmy was a normal man, like everyone else, until the angel Castiel came for him

Chapter 1: Funeral

The One Story I Always Wanted to Finish

Two years ago, I got an idea for a fanfic all about Jimmy Novak and Castiel, starting more or less in Season 3 and ending with "I am not your father". I kept working on it and then stopping and working on it and forgetting and now I think I'm finally going to be able to finish it. I'm really, really excited because this was something I've really wanted to do for a long, long time.  


Thank you 1990s Backstreet Boys video for the strangest idea ever. The sad part is, it kind of works. 

Fanfic: Matter of Time (7/7)

Title: Matter of Time (7/7)
Author: mysticallight6
Characters: demon!Dean, demonic angel!Castiel, Sam
Genre: Dark, Horror, TW for knifeplay & bloodplay
Rating: T
Summary: AU There would only be one way to truly keep Dean safe in Purgatory and Castiel let the demon out of the box. Slash

Chapter 7: EpilogueCollapse )

My god, I want to write a short story about the pompeii music video. It looks like such an interesting concept.


New Year, New Com - spnprompt_meme

I was bored so I decided to jump into the prompting fray and start a new com. It's called Supernatural Prompts (because I couldn't think of anything else) and it'll be a prompting meme place. Sort of like the kinky one but mostly it'll just be calm, story prompting. Kinks can be posted at their com, this one is just for the other stories.

I think to start with it'll have one section for a monthly theme and another section where people post their own prompts. It'll run for about 3 weeks and then close and then open again at the beginning of the next month.

I want to have the whole thing set up by this weekend so does anyone have any other suggestions?

Here's the com link if you want to join up spnprompt_meme